Artist, Interior Designer

Elisa Marconi

Elisa Marconi has over 25 years expertise in high-end residential and commercial interior design, including hotels, restaurants, retail plaza's, professional offices, homes and condominiums.

Elisa is a self taught abstract expressionist artist and has exhibited in Toronto Canada and California USA. She has owned galleries in Mississauga Canada, Laguna Beach and Dana Point California. She has been featured in solo exhibitions, an exclusive Bank of America sponsored exhibition; as well as newspaper articles and art publications. She was also offered a teaching position at Springbank Visual Arts Centre in Mississauga.

Elisa Marconi

Elisa's flamboyant and colourful abstracts are her signature art pieces. She also hand-paints, furnishings, accessories and artifacts thus creating her limited edition collectibles line to enhance your interior space. Elisa currently divides her time between Laguna Beach California and Niagara Falls Canada where she most recently participated in a $20 million revitalization through the Marconi Consulting Group to do a project whose primary focus was the redevelopment of Queen Street, Downtown Niagara Falls. She brought her vivid interior design energy to enhance this project and bring it back to life.

Elisa is also inspired by her angels to compose her Angel Art. Her Angel-land Vision is a work in progress where her dream is to open an Angel Museum, helping kids with cancer and other illnesses, through her angel art is her greatest passion.